Page the Bookworm

Jun. 27, 2023 Standard Municipal Library

The Standard Municipal Library would like to introduce Page! Page is a growing rock bookworm that involves the whole community. Just use a blank rock, and paint a word or phrase or quote or character and place in line and watch Page grow! The entire community is encouraged to participate. Page is set up along the median of The Broadway and begins her body in front of the library with quoting Margaret Atwood: “A word after a word after a word is power.” The power of reading is proven, great readers become great leaders. Page is a creation of Board Chair, Lori Bach. When asked how Lori came up with the idea here is what she said, “After running across a fun public rock painting project on a Facebook page, we thought of doing something similar through the library and the idea for Page the Bookworm took shape. We are hoping that our community can have fun with this throughout the summer. All that is needed is a rock some paint and imagination. If you need help or inspiration, you can just pop into the library, we have even added a few rocks to our library of things! Libraries are often a very quietly important part of our communities, Page is here to bring attention to our library and have a bit of fun along the way.” Located on the front porch of the library is a start of a rock collection, blank canvases for you to take and paint and add to Page. The best paint to use is acrylic, and finishing your masterpiece with varnish. All community members are invited to join in the fun. Let’s see how long Page’s body will become.